2.2. CLOID Team Mission

The primary goal of CLOID team is to solve the chronic problems
The CLOID team intends to solve the chronic problems that hinder the growth of the mobile gaming market with the application of blockchain technology and by enabling the Stream-To-Earn model for wider user engagement and ecosystem activization. The CLOID team’s solutions for the development and growth of the mobile gaming market are as follows
  • Players will be able to claim rewards by accessing and enjoying mobile games directly from their mobile phones or other devices without installing any apps.
  • Developers will be able to publish their games on the platform, transparently manage and protect their ownership rights, and sell their gaming solutions without any restrictions or specification limitations.
  • Communities will ultimately be able to own and operate a decentralized ecosystem based on a vibrant and robust token economy
In order to achieve the goals outlined above, the team proposes CLOID, which is the world's first blockchain-based game streaming platform in the cloud that presents the Stream-To-Earn (STE) mechanism. On the CLOID platform, users can stream games and claim rewards. CLOID will develop and release the world's first Stream-To-Earn (STE) mechanism, and present a new GameFi paradigm in the mobile gaming market. All computing and rendering of games requiring high specifications will be carried out in the cloud-based system, taking over the device-related burden for the CLOID ecosystem. Users can play high-quality gaming applications through CLOID streaming platforms and moreover claim rewards through the Stream-To-Earn model.