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Stream To Earn: The Innovative GameFi Paradigm
CLOID is the world's first blockchain-based game streaming platform in the cloud that presents the Stream-To-Earn (STE) mechanism. The CLOID application allows users to remotely access and stream games without directly installing any apps, regardless of the specifications of their smartphones or PCs. CLOID introduces the innovative GameFi concept to allow users to claim rewards by streaming games within the platform.
According to Newzoo, a global gaming industry analysis company, the total size of the gaming market in 2021 was expected to reach 180.3 billion USD. Overall, mobile games accounted for 93.2 billion USD, representing 52% of the total market share. As of 2020, there were about 4.5 billion internet users worldwide, of which 2.5 billion were categorized as mobile game users, which illustrates the fact that 56% of all internet users happen to have exposure to mobile gaming applications. In fact, in 2019, the gaming industry unprecedentedly surpassed the entertainment industry for the first time, accumulating 149 billion USD of total market value. Experts predict that the mobile gaming market will continue to grow due to the improvement in smartphone performance, the development of communication technologies, and the consistent release of many new gaming products. However, the gaming market has certain limitations and pain points despite its continuous growth. First and foremost, it is more expensive now than ever to release a new gaming application and secure users due to the licensing issues and high entry barriers in the market. This is demonstrated by the fact that the cost of securing customers with moderate purchasing power, that make recurring in-app purchases, has more than doubled from 35 USD in 2019 to 86 USD in 2020. Moreover, despite the reality that smartphone devices are now considered to be commodities, not all devices are suitable for games due to their poor specifications. In fact, according to a 2020 study by IDC (an IT market analysis agency), up to 70% of mobile devices are not properly equipped to support gaming applications. Due to the status-quo, the game developers have to address this issue during the development process in order to meet the mobile device specifications available in most smartphones.
The CLOID team intends to solve the chronic problems that are hindering the growth of the mobile gaming market by leveraging the advantages of the blockchain by combining it with the cutting-edge cloud streaming technology. The CLOID team’s solutions for the development and growth of the mobile gaming market are as follows:
  • Players can claim rewards by accessing and enjoying mobile games directly from their mobile phones or other devices without installing the apps through CLOID.
  • Developers can publish the games on the platform, protecting the ownership of their game IPs, and offer their gaming products to users through CLOID.
  • Communities will ultimately own and operate a decentralized ecosystem based on a robust and vibrant token economy.
In order to achieve the goals outlined above, the team proposes CLOID, which is the world's first blockchain-based game streaming platform in the cloud, that presents the Stream-To-Earn (STE) mechanism.
CLOID is a Web 3.0, game streaming app with innovative GameFi elements presented in the platform. On CLOID, users obtain NFTs in the shape of game controllers in order to access the Stream-To-Earn mechanism. Regardless of the specifications of their smartphones or PCs, users can remotely access and enjoy games without directly installing any apps. It is also possible for users to claim rewards just by streaming games, provided they have the right settings, which is being equipped with the game controller. CLOID connects millions of users to Web 3.0 through its newly introduced GameFi concept, building a sustainable ecosystem with customized gaming content accessed through the CLOID, that can also be shared in social media platforms.
CLOID runs on a cloud server, which is an optimized, hybrid configuration of ARM, X86 and Bare Metal, that supplies the cloud service resources to power the CLOID ecosystem. CLOID, a virtual smartphone server, communicates with the user's device through the streaming function. Since the CLOID can be accessed through the browsers on almost all devices with communication protocols. Hence, Android apps can be easily used without installing any additional programs on the device itself. Users don’t have to watch targeted game advertisements or follow the pop-up links to play games, as they can simply access CLOID and start playing instantly through the CLOID’s streaming platform and also enjoy the rewards through the Stream-To-Earn mechanism. Furthermore, the GameFi element will allow users to make in-app purchases and in-game purchases for the SDK distributed gaming products, which will eventually contribute positively to the expansion and the growth of the CLOID ecosystem
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